Case Study get the most out of visual content
BUTIK. is a multi-brand department store and an online store with a nearly 20-year history, with more than 350 brands of clothing, shoes and accessories represented. For example, Levi's®, Wrangler, Marc O'Polo, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Scotch & Soda, New Balance, Michael Kors, DKNY, Coach, Armani, Furla, Guess, Cromia.BUTIK. content strategy in social networks combines the role of a stylist, a fashion blogger and a fashion magazine, that meets the expectations of the audience and modern trends.The online store uses only its own visual content.

Their own production studio, of course, time and resources. The high-quality visual content, regular posting and thoroughly thought-out content strategy are utterly highlighted by the online store.

Significant resources are invested in content creation. Therefore, the main task set the online store was to increase the content effectiveness by extending its working lifespan and adjusting the distribution.
And an additional challenge was to increase the feedback from the Instagram channel, as the social network has established itself as the most important and most relevant platform for promoting fashion brands.

The main problem on the way is the limitations of the social network:
Less than 30 followers
Algorithms that reduce the coverage of branded content
Difficulties in getting from the picture you like to the product card (there are no links in the posts yet)
The lifetime of the content is 2-3 hours
Our advantages
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Tagged links to the products from image look
Social proof: likes and comments
The solution allowed
To use the section as a landing page for Instagram traffic.
This solved the problem of buyers "how to find something you like in Instagram on the site", now buyers could get directly to the product of interest, bypassing the need to search for it in the catalog. Kind of self-service.

To extend the reach and lifespan of visual content.
The appearance of a link to the "Inshashoping" page section in the site menu allowed us to provide all site visitors with a new type of shopping, which previously had only Instagram subscribers.

This greatly expanded the audience, which affected the content. Increased social factors: the bounce rate decreased, such indicators as the time spent on the site and the session depth increased many times. In this case, the frequency of purchases gave explosive growth in terms of quantity.

To use the page section as a landing page for traffic from other channels, including paid ones (display advertising, email distribution).
That allowed us to scale flexibly the amount of traffic passing through the content.

If the first point allowed improving the efficiency of the Instagram channel, then the 2nd and 3rd allowed to significantly scale the amount of traffic to which this content can be shown. And, as a result, extended the working life of content.
Measurability of the Instagram channel and data for content strategy improvement
The main problem of the online store on Instagram is the difficulty in measuring how content affects traffic and eventually sales.We distinguish two types of traffic:- traffic attracted by the content published in the channel,- branded traffic that does not depend on the content (people find an online store using instagram as a search engine).

At the end of December, there were recorded about 70% of clicks from Instagram related to the content, that indicates a high level of audience interest in the content.

What is more, Frisbuy allowed to record the effectiveness of each publication in terms of generating traffic.

The role of the page in the purchase process solved the task of expanding the audience for content. The traffic from Instagram made up only about 30% of the total, the rest was attracted through the site of the boutique, email-marketing and a bit through the paid channels.

Ad campaign examples of the new form of comfort shopping
The attracting visitors strategy turned out to be successful, as confirmed by data from analytics, behavioral metrics and sales figures, traffic passed through Instashopping:
57.1% less Bounce Rate
99.4% more Average time
128.5% more Page sessions
The probability of purchase is 4-6 times more than normal traffic
Instashopping improved the user scenario not only on Instagram traffic, but also created a page section on the site where the best looks are aggregated and presented to visitors.

The format of the online store assortment gets into the user experience: you can see how the product looks like and what can be combined with. That makes the selection process easier, and the social factors from Instagram inspired confidence in the online store.

This is confirmed both by figures on the involvement of visitors passed through Instashopping, and by conversion and sales figures.Following the experiment, decided to increase content production and continue to increase traffic to scale the effect.

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